Former inmate speaks out: He had me in a chair, strapped and nude

Former Swisher County Sheriff Emmett Benavidez was arrested on a charge of official oppression following a lawsuit in which two employees accused him of sexual exploitation and abuse. Benavidez was booked into the Randall County jail and was released after he posted his bail.

The Randall County District Attorney said official oppression is when someone in a position of authority uses their status to take advantage of another person.

Another woman is speaking out about being a victim of Benavidez.

Yevette Gonzalez was an inmate at the Swisher County Jail. She wasnâ??t being given her medication for bipolar disorder and depression.

â??He had me in a chair, strapped and nude,â?? Gonzalez said.

She said Benavidez left her cell door open while she was strapped to the chair.

Gonzalez has not spoken out about this to anyone other than her family and an attorney about two weeks ago.

She said fear and the desire to push it away kept her from speaking up.

â??I feel like it's destroying what Iâ??m trying to build for that simple reason,â?? Gonzalez said. She said she is happy about the arrest of Benavidez and glad to be able to be open about this.

Because itâ??s been three years since the incident, the attorney told her it would be difficult to press charges.

Gonzalez did agree to take the witness stand at Benavidezâ??s trial.

County Judge Harold Keeter declined to comment.