Forbes Magazine: Amarillo best city for working retired

Forbes Magazine has named Amarillo one of the best cities for working retirement. They cite Amarilloâ??s 4.1 unemployment rate, low home prices and a lower cost of living. They also point to the abundance of physicians in the city and great air quality, "making it ideal for a retiree who wants to work but also enjoy a healthy lifestyle and the great outdoors."ã??

Eric Miller, of the Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council says, "It kind of adds up to our image, how we look in front of the country, in front of a growing population of retirees, a very valuable population. And if they come there, that adds to our economy.ã?? So it really is invaluable if you look at the big picture."

Jerry Frisbie is an 81-year-old sacker at the United on Gem Lake Road. Heâ??d been retired for some time. After his wife of 53 years died he went to work at the store to be around people. "Being able to be around people and not just sitting home here, doing nothing. Itâ??s a blessing. I still miss her, but I get up and go to work." Frisbie has been named Unitedâ??s Employee of the Year.