Food Network's Ace of Cakes visits Muleshoe

Ace of Cakes in Muleshoe

Food Network's "The Ace of Cakes" D uff Goldman and his crew are in Muleshoe to videotape their show and present the city with a special cake of its own.

They were invited down by the sheriff who's a big fan of the show and they've been there for a few days taping the show which will air later this year.

Dozens showed up for the cake presentation outside Muleshoe's new police department with Duff and city leaders leading the way.

"Everyone's really enjoyed him and the cast and crew in town, and its been a really good expereince for everyone overall," said Chief of Police Brian Frieda.

"I really enjoyed coming to Muleshoe and getting to find out about the mules and the roles they played...I like Texas...I love my steaks big and bloody," Duff said with his trademark laugh.

The Ace of Cakes show spotlighting Muleshoe is set to air later this year, probably around the end of September.