Food bank is in desperate need for volunteers

The High Plains Food Bank is sending out a plea for volunteers. They're a crucial part of their day-to-day operations. The High Plains Food Bank says without those volunteers, food will not get moved from their Salvage Recovery Operation Room to their inventory. Which is bad news, at a time when the need for that food is at an all-time high.

"Volunteers are really much needed at the food bank because the number of staff that we have back here(operation room) its just not possible to go through the thousands of pounds of food that we receive on average everyday," said High Plains Food Bank Executive Director,Zack Wilson.

Wilson says its volunteers that play a crucial role in getting those donations into their inventory to be delivered to those in need. In fact, they go through the food, sort it, look at expiration dates, and pay attention to recalls.

"Literally food will not get moved until we have volunteers to help us do it, so it's a key part for us. The number of volunteers fluxuates each week, but it can range anywhere from 50 to 100 each week on average," said Wilson.

He adds, that around the holidays is when most people sign up to volunteer, buts it's the spring and summer time that they're needed the most. But they're not just needed in the Salvage Recovery Operation Room, but in the community garden. In about a month, they'll start the planting season, which takes a lot of work.

"Once we hit the spring and summertime is where we are now, and we have seen a drop off in the number of volunteers".

The shelves at the High Plains Food Bank are bare right now, which is bad news when the need for their services is at an all-time high.

"We just capped off our second biggest year for the food bank in 2012, which we distributed 7.2 million pounds of food or its about 600,000 pounds of food a month. And we actually had a 600,00 pound even for January".

Wilson says Spring Break is around the corner and if you're a group, like a church, or a college student, the food bank says they're eager to have you spend that time helping them. The best way to sign-up to volunteer is through their website, click here to do that.