Folks feast first on Fat Tuesday before fasting begins

Tuesday people across the country feasted in celebration of Fat Tuesday because on Ash Wednesday the fasting will begin.

"Fat Tuesday becomes that day of great fun and pleasure for tomorrow when our focus truly becomes Christ for the next 40 days," said Father Daniel Dreher.

Many Christians in our area will choose to give up something until Easter Sunday.

"More people are giving up Facebook, Twitter, things like that," Dreher continued.

Father Dreher is seeing a trend in people giving up social media.

"I'm giving up Facebook because I'm attached to it at the hip," said Joshua Raef, the owner of Chick-fil-A on Georgia St.

Father Dreher prepared the ashes for Wendesday's mass.

And, Bishop Patrick Zurek helped explain the ashes on people's foreheads.

"If I'm shopping and go somewhere between mass, people come up to me and say "I hate to bother you Father but you've got something on your head, want me to get it?" I say don't you touch it, it's a sign of our willingness to bend if you will."

So feast this Fat Tuesday or just enjoy a king cake for Mardi Gras.