Flying high, Amarillo airport is #1

Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport

Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport and its TSA team have been named "Airport of the Year" by the Transportation Security Administration.

This award, according to TSA, recognizes an airport that exhibits exceptional customer service all while maintaining the highest level of airport security.

"AMA has established an exemplarily record of security and passenger satisfaction through its efforts to protect and serve the traveling public," said John Sides, Federal Security Director. "This is a well-deserved award and I am happy to join all of you in honoring Mr. Patrick Rhodes and his staff as well as our local TSA Team."

The runway at Amarillo's airport is one of the largest civilian runways in the country at 13,502 feet long and 300 feet wide. It is also the third longest runway in the world and has also been designated as an alternate landing site for space shuttles.

Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport is a CAT III Airport. In 2003, it was rededicated to honor NASA astronaut and Amarillo native Rick Husband. He was the commander of Space Shuttle Columbia and was killed upon re-entry in 2003.