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      Flu season has arrived

      T he time has come for flu vaccines . The question is, should you get it?

      "W e have the opportunity to protect people. We need to take advantage of that," said Dr. Brian Eades with Women's Health Care.

      T he Centers for Disease Control says anyone over six months should get the vaccine.

      I f shots aren't your thing , how about a spray?

      " T here is a flu mist that you can just spray into your nose," Eades said. People that are 2 to 49 years old can use this method.

      " T here's a lot of different myths around the flu vaccine," said Casie Stoughton, Department of Public Health. We've all heard the one about the vaccine giving you the flu. Stoughton said the flu shot does not give you the flu. Some people do, however, experience side effects.

      F lu shots are usually made available from September through March, but Stoughton says its never too early or too late to get vaccinated.

      " I t's very common around December to January we begin to run out. We can't get replacem'ent doses. Get it early. Don't wait until you see the flu all around you to think about the vaccine," Eades said.

      F lu season varies every year but is usually October through January.

      H ealth officials say, there are simply no excuses to skip out on a vaccine.

      Those who are sick, under the age of six months and allergic should not get the flu vaccine. The elderly, pregnant women and children are encouraged to get vaccinated.