Flooding issues plague neighborhood on 77th Street


usiness owners and people who live along 77th Street in Randall County are dealing with flooding.

Rising water from Playa Lake Number 7 and rain is causing damage and loss of revenue.

Many of the residents on the street have left their houses. Bruce Propst paid thousands of dollars to put sandbags around his house.

"We have had absolutely no people show up from Emergency Management," said Propst. "The only people that have showed up to see if we need anything or if they can help is various church groups around Amarillo and Amarillo Off-Road."

Due to the flooding many houses and businesses are without safe drinking water and now property owners are holding a meeting to discuss legal options and safety concerns.

"It's pretty nasty the water is backing up and there's a lot of fish swimming in the bar ditches," said Gary Wise, business owner. "If the water just keeps coming up we're going to have problems out here. It's just going to get worse and worse."

Dawn Hallgren, who owns two businesses on 77th Street tells ABC7 News while her businesses are open she is experiencing additional expenses due to no water or sewer services.

"Bringing in water and bringing in two Porta-Potties for the employees," said Hallgren, business owner. "Also we're experiencing a severe loss of income because our septic is underwater and we are using one from the neighbors. We bathe dogs and that is a crucial part of our business."

The city of Amarillo tells ABC7 News water will be pumped from Playa Lake Number 7 once the water level at McDonald Lake goes down. Until that can happen evaporation will help reduce the water out of yards. With no rain in the forecast for the next seven day, that remains the only option for people on 77th Street.

"I use to lay around and pray for rain and come outside and do a rain dance when it did," said Propst. "Now I'm praying that it doesnâ??t rain, that is really strrange."

Residents and business owners are encouraged to attend a community meeting Friday night at 7pm at Reedeming Grace Church.

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