Flashing Yellow Arrows Come to Amarillo

Today, the city of Amarillo installed its first traffic signal with a flashing yellow arrow at Hillside and Western Street.

Flashing yellow arrows are increasingly being used across the country, and will be phased in over time in Amarillo. The Federal Highway Administration is planning on making these a new nationwide standard.

Turning left is sometimes challenging, especially at rush hour on busy roads all around the country. The Federal Highway administration says that when only provided with a green light, many drivers get into accidents when they turn left as they donâ??t yield to oncoming traffic.

In an attempt to reduce auto accidents, and improve fuel economy and traffic flow, the flashing yellow arrow was born. Itâ??s very straight forward, and has the same color system as a traditional traffic light.

You will see another traffic light installed on the left side. This traffic light is used for turn signals. A red arrow means stop and wait before you take a turn. You are not allowed to enter the intersection when the arrow is red. A yellow arrow means that you should prepare to stop if safe to do so. A green arrow means that you have the right of way and oncoming traffic has a red light.

A flashing yellow arrow means that you may turn if it possible and you must be prepared to yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians in the crosswalk.

The city claims that these signs should be phased in over time and will eventually be a common sight. The first of these flashing yellow arrows was installed because of a request from a private citizen.

Again, when you get to the intersection of Hillside and Western, remember, the flashing yellow arrow means that you can turn, but donâ??t forget to yield to traffic and pedestrians in the crosswalk.