Five Arrested in Connection with Recent Thefts

Five people were arrested in Borger this morning (Oct. 10) after a nearly monthlong investigation involving five law enforcement agencies and more than $100,000 of stolen goods. Over the last several weeks, businesses in three counties were robbed of tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, including a truck, a trailer, a sandblaster, and two industrial welders. After at least six places were hit over the weekend, several businesses had even pooled their resources to offer a $4,500 reward for any information leading law enforcement to the perpetrators. "We've been looking into this stuff along with Borger PD for the last two or three weeks," said Hutchinson County Sheriff Don Johnson, "and we've been working this hard and with the cooperation of Borger PD, the Hutchinson County Sheriff's Office, Fritch PD, Stinnett PD, and the Moore County Sheriff's Office; and we did recover numerous stolen items - like I say, it's in the neighborhood of $100,000."

Finally, at about 9:30 Thursday (Oct. 10) morning, a Hutchinson County Sherff's Deputy and a Borger police officer were following up on a lead on Coble Street in Borger and caught two people in the act of stripping a truck that had been reported stolen from an oil company in Sunray. "We went to Texas Pipe & Metal today - my deputy did - and that's where we got the information that that's where all this scrap metal was coming from, and my deputy went to the location and found them in the process of cutting the truck up," said Johnson.

Patsy Caskey, Wendell Caskey, Daniel Lape, Greg Stottlemyre, and one other suspect were arrested.