First responders prepare for fire season

Local first responders prepare for fire season and potential grassfires as temperatures continue to rise.

The high temperatures, strong winds and dry air make for a deadly combination. Together, they increase chances for grassfires in the area.

"We're so dry right now. It doesn't take much. Just one little spark is all it takes," said Captain Jacob Oehlert of the Amarillo Fire Department.

The dry air can cause the slightest thing to cause a spark and the strong winds accelerate the spread of the fire.

According to the Amarillo Fire Department, some of the most common causes of grassfires are cigarettes, campfires and children playing with matches or lighters.

Despite the high temperatures, Oehlert says they do not predict this year to be anything like it has been in the past. However, they are still preparing and training for the worst.

The American Red Cross is also prepared to provide their services in case of a grass fire.

"It's so important to start thinking about if I were going to be evacuated today, what do I need to take?" said Steve Pair, executive director of the Texas Panhandle Chapter of the American Red Cross. "What all do I need to have in a kit readily available or in the trunk of my car should I be evacuated from my house to kind of get me through those next few days."

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