First Homicide in Randall County in Four Years

Randall County Sheriff's Deputies are continuing to investigate what they are now calling a probable homicide.

Robin Diane Spielbauer, a thirty two year old female from Amarillo has been identified as the person who was found at 12:30pm Tuesday on Helium road. The sheriff says that this could be the first homicide in unincorporated Randall County in four years.

Pronews 7 first reported that a body had been found at this scene in West Amarillo on Tuesday and that authorities were working to investigate what they were calling a suspicious death. Two people driving by discovered the body of Robin Spielbauer in a ditch next to her white SUV. The Randall county sheriff's office says they positively identified her through fingerprint analysis.

â??We were able to identify positively identify the victim and now that we have her identity, itâ??s much easier to follow up on the activities leading up to the evening of the seventh,â?? said Joel Richardson the Sheriff of Randall County. â??Actually we didnâ??t find her until the eighth, but believe she probably died sometime the evening of the seventh. The autopsy results are preliminary, but theyâ??re in and they show that she died of blunt force trauma and a gunshot wound.â??

The Sheriff says his staff is trying to find a lab that will process trace evidence from the crime scene in a timelier manner than the Texas department of public safety. The Texas Rangers have also been called in to assist with the case, and the Sheriffâ??s office says that they have been extremely valuable as the investigation continues to move forward. For now there are no suspects in this case.

â??I am not going to go into any possible suspects...and as we work leads we have no focused on anyone in particular, yet, but I feel confident that the people responsible for her death or the persons responsible for her death will get brought to justice,â?? said Joel Richardson the Sheriff of Randall County.

The investigation is still active, and forensic material is still being processed. The sheriffâ??s department should be releasing more information soon. If you have any information please call (806) 468-5800.