First day of school with Christian: In 2005 and today

The first day at school can be awfully trying for a student, and a few years ago Pronews 7 documented the first day with a young man named Christian Filsouf. He had a number of philosophies about the first day for a 10-year-old. We wondered how Christian was doing today, how much things had changed or stayed the same on this year's first day of school for this now sophomore student.

This was the first day of school in 2005 for Christian Filsouf as he embarked on the 4th grade, ready for any and all challenges the year would bring.

"I like school," he said.

Fast forward to the first day of school in 2011. In Debate class at Amarillo High, students are given an unknown identity on their back and they have to determine who they are by asking questions to their classmates.

Take a look at the video from back in 2005

Cheri Daniels/Pronews 7 (2005)

Christian is 16 years young and still excited about his first day as a sophomore, a reflection of years ago.

"Take a deep breath... talk to your teacher a little - get to know your classmates and just basically have fun - this is the first week - no homework no tests - just stay relaxed, " said Christian in 2005.

Today: "First impression is the key. Meeting teachers and new people cause what you do on the 1st day sets the precedence for for what its going to be like the rest of your high school career."

Like the rest of the students, there's a learning curve that begins on the first day. New schedule, classes, students and teachers you didn't know...and that can be a lot to process.

"Develop connections with people and try to establish good relationships with your teacher and classmates and present yourself the best way you can."

One of the last nugget's of wisdom Christian shared years ago was how to dress..."Just dress how you feel - don't get too weird... don't overdress, believe me, (smiling) that can be bad."

The more things he said

"You want to dress mainstream, you don't want to be too mainstream. individualize yourself, it's what makes you different from the rest of the other people that dress like this. Be yourself and one of the best way to express yourself is through dress."

And once you've mastered all that at you end your first day, relax, have fun and know the second day is the start of an adventure.

"I don't know if what I want to do now is what I'll want to do when high school is out, but I'm enjoying the ride."

Wisdom beyond his years.