Fireworks remain a concern in nearby counties

According to the Amarillo Police Department no fireworks are allowed within city limits.

This year Randall and Potter County have no restrictions on aerial fireworks, meaning independent sellers are stocking up, and say they've seen more business this year than in years past.

From long shot missiles to flashing strobes, some of the higher-end fireworks is what Randall County firefighters are planning to run into come Friday.

"Since you can't have fireworks within city limits, Randall and Potter County are going to have a lot of people lighting fireworks," Lt. Rodney Sharp said.

According to Sharp most people have a "false sense" that with recent rainfall the rural areas are safe, but that's not the case at all.

"It's still really dry out here, that's why we'll be out patrolling all night," Sharp said.

Keith Burd owns a firework stand at 9108 S. Washington, just out of city limits, and he said though there's no ban on any particular firework this year, there are still state laws he has to follow as a seller.

"Like on the bottle rockets, there are so many restrictions to them that I don't even carry them," he said. "But this is going to be a good year, and people are really going to enjoy the forth."

However Randall County officials aren't taking any chances.

"They could be fined if they're going to be parked on the side of the roadways, so you're going to have traffic issues, and issues with kids running around the cars," Sharp said.

Sharp said his firefighters will be out by 6 p.m. Friday patrolling certain areas of the county.