Firework stands are gearing up for the 4th

The skies around the Panhandle will soon be alight with the celebrations leading up to the 4th of July and Thursday you'll have your first chance to stock up on fireworks as it's the first day for sales.

The Alamo Megastore was finishing up preparations for the the season.

The good news is the recent rains across the area mean few restrictions on the use of fireworks, outside the city limits.

Russel Chandler with the First Assembly of God and helps to run Alamo says they are looking forward to good sales this time around.

"We've got more inventory than we've ever had before. They sent us about fifteen percent more than they've ever sent us. They're expecting a big year. Our inventory is incredible this year, we probably have around 80 to 100 new items and they're expecting this to be a great selling year."

While there aren't a whole lot of restrictions right now, it's best to check with local law enforcement before shooting off fireworks to make sure you don't end up getting in trouble.