Firefighters battle explosion in Hutchinson County

Photo courtesy of Hutchinson County Sheriff Don Johnson.

UPDATE: DPS said the fire was probably caused when workers drilling hit a gas pocket which caused a rumble in the game. There were no injuries or fatalities, DPS said.

An explosion in Hutchinson County had multiple fire departments responding to Turkey Track Ranch near Stinnett.

According to Hutchinson County Fire Department, when crews arrived on scene an oil rig and three trucks were on fire. Firefighters were also fighting a grass fire.

"Stinett was dispatched first; they arrived on scene first and told us what happened," said Carlos Castillo of the Borger Fire Department. "They said a gas pocket had come up from the ground and exploded while they were trying to cap their well, and that they had crude oil and multiple vehicles on fire, and a small grass fire working, and they needed our engine to go ahead and assist with that, and we sent a grass truck also."

The Borger Fire Department says the heat from the fire was so intense that it partially melted some nearby vehicles and set one oil worker aflame. The man's coworkers were able to quickly get his clothes off of him before he was injured.