Firecracker ignites grassfire

The Fourth of July holiday is here and folks are celebrating by using fireworks, but fire officials are urging caution because our area is still very dry.

Potter County Fire Fighters responded to a small grassfire this evening. They said it was ignited by a firecracker.

Fire Captain, Craig Jusiak said that a firecracker was set off and blew into bushes near a house and telephone pole.

Crews were able to put it out quickly with little damage caused and no injuries.

Jusiak reminds us that it is still very dry and the potential for fires is high.

"When we're using firecrackers we need to make sure they're in short grass, preferably a mowed or plowed field." said Jusiak.

Jusiak said to always be aware of your surrondings before lighting any fireworks.

"The fireworks aren't always going to do what you want them to do. They're going to go wherever," said Jusiak "The wind affects them and the devices themselves affect which direction they're going to go."

Jusiak said you need to make sure you're in a wide enough, open area and you have water available in case something does go wrong.