Fireball racers help missing and exploited children

One of the cars participating in Fireball Run Adventurally

Amazing Race meets Motor sports Rally is what the Fireball Run Adventurally is all about, and it's aiding in the largest recovery effort for missing and exploited children.

The fireball racers consist of 35 teams and are making their way across the nation and Tuesday they made a couple of stops in Canyon.

They made a visit to Canyon's tallest cowboy - Tex Randall - and then they made their way into Palo Duro Canyon.

One official says this cause is about the future.

"That's our future , the children of this country , and the world for that matter is our future and having them taken away from their family's , their home life and their environment is just absolutely inhumane," said Ron Seggi, Universal Studios Radio Personality.

Some of the rides these racers are driving include high-end luxury cars, and some are from Hollywood like the 'Back to the Future' car and the Night Rider.