Fire on roof prompts evacuation at Bushland High School

Bushland High School was evacuated from a fire on the roof.


fire that started on the roof of
Bushland High School led to an evacuation on Tuesday morning.


his was caused by roof work that was being done.
The fire was contained on the roof and there were no injures.


fficials say the evacuation went smoothly thanks to practice fire drills.

Sheriff Brian Thomas with Potter County said he was very pleased with the way students and staff members evacuated.

"They practice out here, they've had two already and this why they practice. Had it not been for the practice, they wouldn't have been able to get the students out in an orderly fashion. They were all accounted for and no injuries. That plays a huge role for these first responders," Thomas said.

There was no severe damage to the building and students were allowed to return to their classes.