Fire engulfs Pampa home

Fire fighters battle the flames that engulded a home in Pampa

Pampa fire fighters responded to a fire that occurred earlier today at the address of 2237 Williston street.

Emergency workers had the 23rd street block off for thru-traffic will two fire engines and a number of firefighters fought the blaze.

Eye witness accounts say the home was engulfed with flames and sending smoke down the street.

Pampa Fire Department Chief Kim Powell says the structure was a complete loss.

"When firefighters arrived on scene the home was fully engulfed." said Powell "The occupants, one woman and a child were able to get out in time."

Cheif Powell says one animal remains missing, though another animal was rescued from the blazing home.

There were no injuries. The value of the house lost to the fire is also unknown.

The cause of the fire is unknown and Fire Marshall's are investigating the scene.

Red Cross arrived on the scene to help the family deal with a place to sleep and any needs that can be met.