Fire devastates town causing half a million dollars in damage

Photo Credit: Guymon Police Dept.

Update 12:00 p.m. TuesdayOfficials in Guymon say Sunday's fire burned an estimated 501 acres and destroyed three homes.

Police Chief Eddie Adamsonsays considerable damage was done to several businesses, homes, utility equipment, hardware and several vehicles.

A drop-off point has been established for donations. It's at David's Appliance in Guymon at 415 N. Main Street. For more informatiom, you can call (580) 651-7329. Those affected by the disaster are asked to go to the City of Guymon's website to fill out a damage report. Here is an aerial photo of the damage from Justin Carnagey of OEDAPreviouslyThe large grass fire that invaded Guymon Sunday evening claimed two homes, officials said at a press conference Monday afternoon.Be sure to check out Pronews 7's previous coverage of this story.

"It's devastating and saddening," said Chief of Police Eddie Adamson. "A lady who lost her house also worked at the head start that burned Friday."

Also destroyed were several businesses but officials did not have an exact number. Several trailers and outbuildings were also damaged along with many vehicles.

City officials estimate the city received anywhere between half a million dollars to a million dollars in damage, unofficially.It was Sunday afternoon when the city of about 15,000 was filled with plumes of smoke. A large grass fire started just south of town and began to push into town guided by fierce winds. Parts of town, including the Elks Addition and some mobile-home parks were evacuated. The American Red Cross set up an evacuation center and shelter but fortunately residents were allowed to return to their homes before the night ended.

Adamson said the city truly came together after the fires. Several local businesses have donated food and items for those affected.

Highway 54 was closed for more than six hours coming into Guymon from Goodwell.

"Smoke was everywhere," said one Guymon resident on Facebook. "You could barely see outside and everything still smells like smoke."

As for the amount of acreage burned, Texas County Emergency Management says the state assessment team will arrive tomorrow to help evaluate the damage and prepare for the next step, recovery. Aid is expected from the government.

The Guymon Fire Department says it thinks the fire started near an irrigation pump. The incident remains under investigation by the Fire Marshall.

Fortunately, no severe injuries were reported. Some first responders and firefighters were treated for minor injuries.

Victims of the blaze should go here to receive assistance.