Financial accounting still missing from Santa Fe Railroad Museum

Monday, for the third time the item has been on the Potter County Commission agenda, there is no financial disclosure of the Santa Fe Railroad Museum.

The President of the non-profit formed to create it, did not appear at the Commission meeting.

Potter County Commissioner Mercy Murguia says, "Iâ??m asking for financial documents per the contract.ã?? Thereâ??s been close to $400,000 expensed and thatâ??s what Iâ??m asking forâ?¦Now Iâ??m asking for direction from our legal counsel to request that in the form of a demand letter."

Private donations were also given to the museum, as well as artifacts for museum donations.

The item will be put on the next Commission agenda, the fourth time.

The museum was originally planned to be in the Santa Fe Building, but then there was talk of putting it in the Santa Fe Depot.

That property has been sold to the City of Amarillo.