Feline friends compete for supreme

A variety of four-legged felines came to Amarillo Saturday and Sunday. The Yellow Rose Cat Club hosted a competition at the Amarillo Civic Center for a supreme title.

The cat fancy made its way to the Regency room where they pulled out the claws to compete against cats of the same breed.

"We have our first show, it started this weekend we have five judging rings, that are going both days, we have 115 cats that came in from all over the country to go in to competition," said show manager Jackie rose.

What a fur-ocious competition it was.

Rose said, "We have over, probably, over 20 different breeds ranging from the Sphynx, that don't have any hair essentially, all the way to Persians, and Himalayans. We have Rag Dolls, we have Savannahs, and the ever popular Bangles that are popular with TICA."

Beyond all the ribbons, The International Cat Association and those involved in showing are dedicated to making sure that feline friends are all well taken care of.

"I have loved cats always, and there are spectacular cats here. So many different breeds, personalities, everything from spots to strips to skin," said Sphynx cat owner Terry Decker.

For some, it's more than the appearance that has them wrapped around their precious paws.

"I like their approach to life, they kind of have a happy/go lucky attitude,â?? said Norwegian Forrest cat owner Kent Taylor. â??But unlike the Maine Coon I had, Maine Coons are kind of a like the party cat, like â??woo-hoo lets have a partyâ?? Norwegians are, â??we can have a party... but we have chores first."

With so many pure bred cats and kittens, the day was pure pur-fection.

This was the first year for the yellow rose cat show, and the club hopes to be back in the future.