FDA approves new diabetes treatment

Doctors have a new tool in the arsenal against diabetes. The FDA just approved a new drug called Victoza. The drug is designed for folks who have developed adult onset diabetes.

Victoza, like its predecessors will help stimulate the pancreas to make more insulin, particularly after meals. The medication is administered by injection once a day.

Despite the possible pros, medical experts feel the drug is not a stand alone treatment. The medication may be very expensive as much as $8 per day, and It is possible that insurers will not cover Victoza for quite some time.

"The biggest thing for people with diabetes to realize is that this is by no means a miracle drug or a quick fix for their problem. Ultimately, the treatment for type 2 diabetes comes down to lifestyle changes, exercise, diet control," said Brian Weis, Associate Professor of Internal medicine at Texas Tech.

Victoza is not designed for juvenile or child's diabetes.