FBI testifies of computer searches in terror trial

FBI agents spent much of the day testifying before jurors of Aldawsari's alleged plot to build a weapon of mass destruction.

Jurors heard prosecutors question a FBI translator who translated journals and websites written by Aldawsari.

The FBI translator testified that Aldawswari used words, including jihad, mujahadeen, and shahid in a violent context in many of his personal writing.

Federal prosecutors call head of North Texas computer forensics lab Speical Agent Michael Morris to the stand. Morris conducted the analysis of Aldawsari's computer.

Morris testified that Aldawsari's computer had been used numerous times to access websites searching for information to commit an act of terror. The computer evidence indicated Aldawsari's searches included words for "picric acid", a highly explosive chemical, "improvised homemade picric acid" and "how to make blasting caps".

Morris also testified that Aldawsari searched for the FBI's terror watch list less than a day before his arrest.

Testimony is expected to continue Monday afternoon, when federal prosecutors will question an FBI special agent who took part in the covert wire-tapping of Aldawsari's apartment.