Fatherâ??s Day Fun

The big holiday today is Father's Day and families in Amarillo spent this beautiful day celebrating those special men in many different ways.

Those things included enjoying the parks, the zoo, and even bar-b-ques.

People say they made sure to show their dad's just how much they mean to them.

The Ringo family held their annual Father's Day family reunion today.

Roberta Fern Ringo-Hutchenson says they have celebrated Fatherâ??s Day with a family reunion for 35 years.

With 50 Ringo family members invited, Hutchenson says she is proud of all of the fathers in her family and loves every one of them.

One father and son duo spent the morning walking dogs and throwing disks in the park, only to finish the day with a sox game.

Jason and Will Houchins say spending the day together means a lot.

Will says, â??My dad to me... He's my mentor and my leader.â??

His dad, Jason says his Fatherâ??s Day has been wonderful and behind all the fun there is a greater meaning.

He says, â??Iâ??m Just letting him know that I love him and showing him the ropes and that there's good things in life to do besides sitting at home.â??

ProNews 7 would like to wish a happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there.