Father of accused Clovis shooter's girlfriend speaks out

Father of accused Clovis shooter's girlfriend speaks out (Photo by Steve Douglass ABC7). 

A man who knows the accused shooter in last week's killing in Clovis says he did not see it coming. 16-year-old Nathaniel Jouett faces first degree murder charges in connection with the attack.

ABC 7 News spoke with Jouett's pastor, who was also Jouett's girlfriend's father. He says he was protective of his 15-year-old daughter, but thought Jouett was a nice guy.

"What did I miss? Was there something there? I went through a guilt trip for three or four days," said David Stevens, Jouett's pastor.

On August 28, two library employees were shot and killed inside the Clovis-Carver Public Library. Friends of the victims say the two library employees were like family to many residents in Clovis.

"It's still going to be the heart of our community and we'll never forget Mrs. Krissy and we'll never forget Mrs. Wanda," said Misty Bertrand, friend of victims.

Clovis Police says the investigation is still ongoing at this time. Pastor of the church the accused gunman had been attending said he never thought Jouett was capable of this. The pastor's daughter who had been dating Jouett is devastated according to Stevens.

"She just fell apart. She just fell apart," said Stevens. "They were good together here in church, but she's having a rough time with it. So is my wife."

Jouett started dating Stevens' daughter and going to the church about three months ago. He was recently baptized and Stevens says he saw a change in Jouett for the better in the three months.

"Sunday night he was in service with us singing his favorite song, This Little Light of Mine, and he came over to the house after service for about maybe an hour or two before she had to take him home and in less than 24 hours he went crazy," said Stevens.

Jouett appeared in court Thursday and a New Mexico Judge ordered he stay in custody. He faces multiple charges of First Degree Murder, Assault, Aggravated Battery and Child Abuse.

"It's been real hard to know that he was here and was part of our lives and was capable of doing something like this," Stevens said. "I don't know what took place in that 24-hour period or that 20-hour period, but he caused damage to a lot of people's lives. Some can't be replaced and other's they'll live through carrying this tragedy with them."

On top of the two who were killed, four people had been shot inside the library and have been at a hospital in Lubbock. Hospital officials say all four have now been released.

Jouett faces the Grand Jury on Friday.

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