Family Support Services hosts Tree of Angels ceremony

For the last 11 years Family Support Services has put together the Tree of Angels in honor of victims of violent crimes.

Emotions ran high on Tuesday evening at the Potter County Courthouse as family members placed ornaments on trees, shared stories of their loved ones whoâ??ve passed, and most of all just help one another in the grieving process.

â??What we're doing is having a memorial service for those who have dies as a result of a crime and the victims have an opportunity to come in and put a special ornament on the tree on behalf of their loved one in memory of them and in honor of them. The pain is so strong because of the newness of their situation so yea, you'll see all different types. You'll see some folks that'll be here, that have been here year, after year, after year,â?? said Jackie Bolden of Family Support Services.

Others who didnâ??t have loved ones on the tree were still there to help families and friends deal with the emotions during the night.

â??I think it gives them a sort of peace and it gives them healing just knowing they're honoring the individual, the lost loved one. A lost of love one I don't think it could be explained in words, because it's going to leave a hole in your heart forever it only softens over time,â?? said Nicole Vigil a victims service specialist.

â??Iâ??m here every year on behalf and in honor of my daughter,â?? said Bolden.

The local team for one murder victim in 2010, was Team Daisy.

â??We wanted to remember and honor Daisy that was killed October 10, 2010. Really an eye opener, cause I mean, you get to hear other stories from other people and it's a sadness. It's a healing process it doesn't heal overnight and people have a voice to speak out as well and then their able to bond with other people able to relate as well. We're remembering other victims have as well tonight and honor cause they're not forgotten they still have a voice and we're doing what's right for this community here in Amarillo,â?? said Michelle Morris of Team Daisy.

Throughout the night some stood up and simply asked for prayers this holiday season as they say itâ??s always more difficult for them this time of year.