Family shares adoption story with hopes of inspiring others

Adding a child to your family through adoption can be a rewarding process, one that enriches a parents life, and that childs.

It's a doting process, but worthwhile in the end when you hear that child call you mom or dad.

The sound of child's happiness is one the sweetest sounds. For many area families, they're helping enrich the lives of a child by choosing to adopt.

"We always knew that we wanted to adopt a child someday and so we were just waiting for the timing to be right. Last year we started feeling like we were ready, we had the stability that we needed to offer a home for a child," said Rachel Pirtle, Adoptive Mother.

That child is 6-year old Ruben. He joins the Pirtle family in July of last year. Turning the family of four into five.

Rachel and Michael say they knew the moment Ruben stepped inside their home, he was their son.

Ruben is now the middle child. His older brother Isaac is 7-years old, and his younger sister Isabelle is 5-years old.

"We have a whole new family dynamic now. And our two biological kids were so excited," said Pirtle.

But the process was an intimidating one for the Pirtles, but they were anything from alone in the process.

"We initiated the process through Arrow Child and Family Ministries and they sent us through all of our training and licensing and then we went through the State of Texas to adopt a child out of the foster care system. Any parent who chooses to adopt or foster a child know they are not alone, we've had our agency beside us the whole way," said Pirtle.

The family says to do your research and find that right agency for you. Also know there are support groups out there like the Greater Amarillo Foster Parent Association.

This newly formed family says they spend their days at the park, feeding ducks and playing on the playground.

As for Ruben, he has his favorite.

"Well in the summer we went to the carnival and that made me happy".

The Pirtles say Ruben has adjusted into his new life seamlessly.

"Happy," said Ruben. "Why does it make you feel happy?" said Stiner. "Because I love this family," said Ruben.


he Pirtles say they've had such a positive experience and ruben has enriched their lives by leaps and bounds, they plan to adopt in the future.