Family, friends put on fundraiser to support Amarillo Miracle Twins

Gavin had to stay under Bili lights for some time after birth to treat jaundice.

While on vacation in Branson, Mo., Brooke and JR Duke got two very unexpected surprises. Their twins were born 16 weeks early.

The twins, Jace and Gavin, entered the world on June 8 at just 24 weeks and one day. The parents waited three years to have a baby, and now have what they're calling Amarillo's Miracle Twins.

The parents and babies are still in Missouri, waiting for the babies to be healthy enough to come home.

The family was originally at a hospital where both babies developed an infection. They were rushed to another nearby hospital and both underwent surgery. They're now in stable condition.

Their friends and family have put together a fundraiser for the Duke family, hoping to provide them with support to help them cover expenses during this trying time away from friends, family, work, and allow them to focus on the twins.

T-shirts are being sold for $10 each.

Additionally, friends of the Dukes created a fundraiser website for them,, to provide a portal for whomever is inclined to donate.

And on Aug. 4, Blue Sky on Coulter will participate in a fundraiser. Clip the attached "coupon" and provide it to your server for the twins to get credit for the meal. Each person eating will need a "coupon" in order for the family to get credit. You can print coupons (click here), or you can find extras at the restaurant.

Also, they encourage you to share this story with your church of choice, share it on social media, tell your friends and family, because the more who know, the more who will pray.