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      Family celebrates first Conquer Chiari Walk Across America in Amarillo

      E ve r yone had their walking shoes on bright and early at Thompson Park, but they were walking for more than a daily dose of exercise.

      O ne mom in the Panhandle decided it was time to take action and start a Walk Across American in Amarillo. The closest host for the walk is in Dallas, Texas. Katie Klaehn's daughter suffers from Chiari Malformation and she said her daughter wanted to walk with her friends and family at home for once.

      "F or them to have that one day. " Klaehn said."W e spend so much time telling my daughter and many other of them you can't do. You can't do that."

      C hiari Malformation is a disorder that causes the brain to descend from the skull. Nearly 300,000 people suffer from the disorder in the United States. There is no cure, but Klaehn said that the purpose of the walk is not to cure her daughter...it's to help bring awareness and help fund research.