Family and friends of Panhandle teens killed in crash share their memories

Three Panhandle communities have been rocked by the tragic crash near the Valero Refinery Sunday afternoon. The crash killed five teens from Sunray, Stratford, and Dumas. Pronews 7 is now learning more about them, who they were, their interests, and their stories.

What's left on scene Monday is burnt grass, chard debris, and law enforcement markings. According the the Texas Department of Public Safety, the teens were driving westbound on Morton Elevator Road and ran a stop sign, hitting a semi carrying gasoline, killing all five. The driver of the semi, Ezequel Melecio Garcia was taken to Lubbock's Burn Center. He's listed in critical condition. 16-year old Jacob Stipe of Sunray, 17-year old Christopher Moore also of Sunray, 17-year old Derrek Hager of Stratford. Then there's two sisters, 15-year old Elizabeth Roys, who everyone calls Lizzie and 17-year old October Roys, who goes by Toby. Even though they're from separate towns, friends say all were best friends. Chris and Toby(October) were even working together at the Dairy Queen in Sunray.

"It was always them together all five of them always together, " said Assistant Manager at Dairy Queen, Star Tovar. "It's hard just with one little less five kids. Its just hard it happened so quick, she worked yesterday morning, left and was coming back at five and never came back," said Manager at Dairy Queen Teresa.

Toby and Lizzie were known for their outgoing personalities.

"She always had a smile going, friendly friends with everyone," said Teresa.

The sisters parents say they had a zest for life and were typical teenage girls.

"They didn't know how many people love them. They'd come and tell me about boyfriend problems and drama and I'd just, and I just keep telling the girls, its just drama. You're young you got a whole life ahead of you don't cry over that guy you're young you're going to find somebody," said Robert and Sheryl, parents to October and Elizabeth. "They changed hair color every month. They did we didn't know if they were going to be blonde or pink hair. I told them they do that so many times their hair is going to fall out".

"They were always talking to someone they were always on that phone texting, texting. You couldn't get them off the phone," said Sheryl.

Friends say Chris just moved to the area from Midland.

"Last week was his first week here and he hasn't lived here very long. But he was kind of funny really nice respectable, called everyone ma'am and sir," said Teresa.

Friends say Derrek and Lizzie were even dating.

Everyone says all five teens were outgoing, loving sweet and very respectful of others. Leaving a big whole in the hearts of these communities.

"It's going to be hard not having them around because they were there all the time. I love them with all my heart and they'll always be here, in my heart," said Sheryl.

Toby leaves behind a daughter who will be a year old next month. A fund has been set up to help with funeral expenses and raising Toby's daughter at the Red Lantern Club in Dumas and the Valero Refinery.