Faith vs. Football benefit game

It was faith versus football, in a game of basketball. The Amarillo venom hosted the game to benefit Renee's Circle of Friends.

From eight players to five, The Venom hosted a game of basketball. At the blow of a whistle they faced off against Men of Faith from congregations throughout Amarillo.

"This is actually our first day of training camp, so the guys first workout was actually a basketball workout," Stephanie Tucker Venom Owner. "It was just a good way to give back to the community and we had a blast doing it."

The game not only gave the team a workout, but gave them the opportunity to help a local program, help others.

"First they looked at us and said, oh my gosh! Are we really playing basketball?" said Tucker. "Then they said hey, this goes to a great cause this what it's all about." "They actually got to practice basketball and it's kind of a team building thing last night and people had a blast."

The funds raised will go to a scholarship program that helps students pay for tuition and fees, or books. Renee's circle of friends helps up to five students per year.

"Renee's circle of friends is an organization that we started in memory of my mom," said Tamikka Williams. "She passed back in 2006, and the organization is just to help college students succeed in college."

The game between the men of faith and football players attracted a large crowd and the sportsmanship between both teams made for a game worth watching.

"We came out here just to have fun," said Cornelius Combs Men of Faith Player. "It's for a charity event, and we just came out to spend time with the guys in fellowship, and enjoy one another."

"Just the chance to come out here and compete with everybody in the community, having fun, trying to show what we have going on in with the Venom," said Lebonte Jackson Venom Player "it's a good program and we have wonderful coach."

If you're wondering, what the competition was like, Combs said, "Tough. They're very physical, real fast and they're very athletic."

As far as going from the arena to the basketball court, Jackson said "It's all competition, we're just out here having fun."

The Venom did win. The scholarships given are five hundred dollars each, and will go to graduating high school seniors. Officials say they hope to have more faith versus football, basketball games in the future.