Faith City Ministries changes lives

Faith City Ministries Dorm / Pronews 7 File

It's another example of the Panhandle Spirit and how people in the area continue to pull together to help those in need.

It's Faith City Ministries.

Faith City Ministries is an organization that prides itself on helping people in need in Amarillo.

Its 12-month program helps people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol get back on their feet. In order to do that, the community's help is needed.

John McIlroy is on the path to recovery. He's been addicted to alcohol for the last 25 years.

"I had a bright future," John said. "I was well educated with a promising musical career, but the drink took over."

Divorced twice in six years, John says alcohol was destroying his life.

"That's what alcohol does, it destroys lives."

John says he was broken and lost, muddling through life for the next seven years before he did the unspeakable; he tried to commit suicide.

"I attempted suicide when I was 34," said John. "We won't get into the details of that but it's safe to say it was a miracle that I didn't die. I should have been dead."

It was then he realized there was a reason he should be alive.

With no experience with rehab, John found himself at Faith City looking for help.

"Faith City has given me motivation. They've given me opportunities to prove to myself, to others and to God that I'm still vital."

Faith City Ministries also helps single mothers get back on their feet along with feeding and clothing the homeless.

This is all done without the help of federal funding.

"The most important thing we can do is introduce them to Jesus, so we don't want that taken away from us and so in order to keep that, we rely on private donations," said Faith City Ministries Executive Director Jena Tyler. "One way you can help is to donate or take part in their fundraisers such as 'The Empty Bowl.'"

The Empty Bowl Event is an international event, it's done all over the world, last year when we had our event Finland was was having there's at the same time."

Another resource of Faith City... giving their graduates the option to go to college on their dime.

The Empty Bowl Event is Tuesday, Oct. 4 at the Amarillo Civic Center.

If you would like to take part, tickets are $20 and are available at Faith City Mission.

To learn more about Faith City Ministries or to find out how to help, visit its website here.