Facebook video shows two children left unattended in a car

There is a video circulating around Facebook that shows two children sleeping in their car seat in an unattended car.

The vehicle is running and sitting in a parking lot.

People walking by recorded the situation with their phones. They waited for the driver to come out of the store and then confronted her.

The man told the woman the police would like to speak with her when they got to the scene. She replied by saying, "Oh really? I need to go pick up kids. I'm sorry." and drives off.

According to Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department, " you cannot leave a child under than the age of seven in a motor vehicle for more than five minutes, unless they're attended to by someone who's at least 14 years of age and older."

Valerie Clemens is a mother and teacher that shared and commented on the video.

"It's not acceptable." Clemens said. "There's no way you can just go into Lowe's for five minutes. You can't clearly see your kids. Someone could have stolen the car, with the children in it, or just stolen the children."

Sarah Porter is almost a mother and teacher that commented on the video.

"I was just angry and terrified for those kids. It's busy and there's lots of people, especially during the holidays, that are out and about and there's lots of things that could happen to these kids," Porter said.

The Amarillo Police Department said a detective has been assigned to the case and it's being investigated.