Facebook Story of the Day: Severe weather outlook

Every weekday, Pronews 7 asks our viewers for their opinion on what we should cover on our 10:00 newscast. Today, our Facebook friends chose a severe weather outlook.

So what can we expect as far as severe weather for the Panhandle?

The forecast for the rest of the Spring is unfortunately not as clear-cut as the forecast for Winter and early Spring was with the strongest La Nina that we TMve seen in over 60 years.

Each La Nina and El Nino event is different. What is meant by that is that they vary in strengths. Some are very weak and others, very strong. This La Nina (where the waters are colder than normal off the Eastern Pacific shores of Mexico and Central America) is very strong.

So, what does that mean for our severe weather season? There really are two theories right now. One is that we will start to see La Nina weaken (which is already happening) and transition from the area of high pressure it creates (over the southwestern United States) to an area of high pressure centered around Bermuda, which we normally see during the Summer. End result for us? We go from one dry spell into another|.not good!

The other theory is that we will transition from a very inactive time for severe weather which we have been stuck in so far this Spring|to a very active one during the usual peak months of our severe weather season (last two weeks of May and the first two weeks of June). That would mean that after a very quiet start to the Spring, we could end up with a very bumpy and very active severe weather season. Since each La Nina and El Nino event differs, we really don TMt have a clear cut path on what is going to happen. One thing is for certain, always stay tuned to Storm Search 7 when and if severe weather strikes as we will keep you updated without unnecessary interruptions just to tell you that it TMs raining at your house. If you see us on Channel 7, you know it TMs something to take note of and something that could either be property damaging or life-threatening. We don TMt try to scare our viewers into listening to us and you can rely on us to get the information out to the public, then get off the air and back to your favorite Channel 7 show.