Facebook privacy settings spark debate

In the online world of social media the population continues to grow, and the do's and donâ??ts of posting online are constantly evolving.

"Once it's out there, it's out there, and once you open it up, you never really know who has gotten their hands on it," said Jill Ciminillo."It's really easy to take a screen grab, it's really easy to download a photo, it's just really easy."

Recently even the sister of Mark Zuckerburg, co-founder of Facebook, fell into the loopholes of privacy settings

A photo she posted on her wall, went viral after a Facebook marketing director shared the photo after it appeared on her newsfeed.

"The problem is that you can go into your custom settings and you can you know, set a privacy setting, only friends, or friends of friends," said Ciminillo. "But the problem with that is you may intend for the circle of influence to be small, or for the people and the visibility of the photo to be small but it's actually much larger."

Modern day technology, screen shots, and downloading allows anything posted online to be shared, so even with the option of private settings, playing it safe is better than being sorry.

"Know the people youâ??re adding, make sure that they are your friends, people that you know and trust," said Adam Sain Facebook user.

I'm not going to post anything that's to outrageous, that I don't want maybe future employers or something like that to see.

Sain said he has gained this knowledge from his parents and school that warn him of the dangers of posting online.

Others who have seen Facebook grow and change, say itâ??s knowing these dangers that will keep you from having regrets later.


"I used to go out and get in trouble and learn from my mistakes that way, people are going to learn from their mistakes in the digital age, digitally," said Judith Facebook User. "As a general rule of thumb, you don't want to post anything that you wouldn't actually say to someone in person yourself," said Michael.