Facebook is about to change, again

You read the headline, Facebook is changing once again.

This time, the much-publicized Timeline is being rolled out to the entire Facebook population. Before now, Timeline was only in a beta phase where developers could activate it.

Timeline replaces what Facebook users know as their wall or profile. It's intention was to bring more emotion to the social media website. Through timeline, major life events are chronicled. Long story short, your entire life can be mapped out. Think of this feature as a history book... of yourself.

This feature looks significantly different than the present profiles. Check out the photo above and see what you can expect.

Of course, privacy is an issue with the unveiling of this new feature. Just remember to keep your privacy settings to only allow the people you want to see the stuff you post.

Timeline began its roll out this week and users will gradually see the change. What do you think? Are you excited?