Facebook Charity Challenge to help Amarillo SPCA

Our Facebook Charity Challenge is in full swing. Once we reach 11,000 friends on Facebook, we'll donate $1,000 to the Amarillo SPCA.

In light of our Facebook Charity Challenge, we took a trip out to Amarillo SPCA to check out the organization and see how a $1000 donation could help out our furry friends.

If you're a sucker for "puppy eyes", then SPCA is the place to visit. SPCA is full of loving cats and dogs and the volunteers at this non-profit organization are doing their best to make sure these temporary cage homes don't become permanent ones. In fact, the Amarillo SPCA is a no-kill shelter.

"SPCA, the definition is Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and we take in animals, rescue animals, dogs and cats and try to find them good homes", said shelter manager Kelley Micke.

With about 30 cats and 60 dogs living at the shelter, it makes for one full house... so full, in fact, that sometimes they are forced to turn animals away.

"We just physically just don't have room for them, can't take them in, that's kind of tough", says Micke.

Mickey said all donations are gladly accepted and one for $1,000 dollars would go a long way.

Micke admitted, "We get a lot of smaller donations, a lot of people send us donations monthly, $25, $50, etc., things like that. So, $1000 is definitely a big boost for us."

So whether you're donating or adopting, it's a win-win for SPCA, and the love behind those puppy eyes might be all the thanks you'll ever need.

"As weird as it sounds, they know they're being rescued. I mean, they know when they're going home with you they know that you've done something nice for them. they're not have to stay in a cage anymore. It's just a great place to get your next best friend", said Micke.

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