Exterminators and veterinarians urge residents to check for pests

Palo Duro Animal Hospital said the summer season is a breeding ground for pesky pests.

"The big 3 going into summer are heartworms. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes, so in the summer time we have more mosquitoes therefore we have more heartworms," said Dr. Robert Ballinger of Palo Duro Animal Hospital. "They have to go through the mosquito, they can't go directly dog to dog. Fleas and tics certainly increase in the summer."

Veterinarians said underneath the arms and legs, around the groin, under the tail, and behind the ears of cats and dogs are the most important places to check for fleas and tics.

Summer bugs don't only affect animals.

Lady Bug Termite and Pest said house calls are picking up as the summer approaches.

"We're getting a tremendous number of calls for oriental roaches, spiders, ants," said Lady Bug Termite and Pest Owner Brad Turner.

"This is the time of year when termite expose themselves and tell people that they're in their home," said Turner.

Turner said treating your backyard for pests may not always be necessary.

"I don't really recommend trying to do a tremendous amount of preventative approach," said Turner. "We're going to have rain, we're going to have sunshine, some of those things will break down the product."

Turner recommends preventative measures for homeowners.

"Treating around the base of the home and treating inside the home are all great things to do as soon as spring time hits."


oth businesses said whether you're treating your bedroom or canine companion, it's always better to get a head start before it's too late.

"If there's a history of a problem, or if they're worried about it starting before they get a heavy infestatio

n, it

will be much easier than controlling the infestation once it's there



said Dr. Ballinger.