Expectations for Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform has been President Obama's top priority in his second term; A reform that will affect 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. But first, both parties need to come to an agreement.

"If it happens, the president will do his part and he will sign it and it will have eventually a lot of families that will be together," said Al Muniz, an Immigration Counselor for Catholic Family Services. "And that is the most important thing."

Muniz states that the reform is needed for many reasons, but especially when it comes to reuniting families. Countless families that were supposed to split up when parents were being deported will be able to stay together with the immigration reform.

But not everyone is optimistic. Dora Chavarria of the Amarillo Hispanic Chamber of Commerce thinks immigration reform will greatly impact business areas. "Whether we like it or not we have a large group of immigrants from all over, not just Mexico," said Chavarria. "These immigrants come in with expectation of earning a living and creating jobs or finding jobs." She states that trying to find a way to help these groups of people stay here legally and become an active and contributing member of society, so it helps our economy.

Regardless of where your views may stand, the reform will not only affect millions of immigrants, but this entire country.