Exchanging sex for drugs, alcohol & money, another alleged Marsh victim comes forward

Another lawsuit has been filed against Stanley Marsh 3 and others alleging sexual misconduct with a minor.

Another man has filed a lawsuit against Stanley Marsh 3 and others claiming he'd been sexually abused by Marsh.

Filed April 14, 2014, in Potter County, the lawsuit states that the anonymous plaintiff claims he regularly had sex with Marsh and was supplied with drugs and alcohol when he was a minor.

He said Marsh also gave him money, which the plaintiff said he kept secret from his parents. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff also said he had repressed memories of the abuse until 2012 when other lawsuits were filed.

The lawsuit states Marsh had the plaintiff thinking his actions were consensual even though he was a minor.

The plaintiff is asking for damages and that there be no cap on punitive damages.

There have been multiple anonymous lawsuits filed against Marsh. Only Stanton Coldiron, has filed a lawsuit using his name.

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