Everyone celebrates Independence Day

It's pretty tough to go without celebrating Independence Day and that goes for people in need, too.

The Salvation Army hosted a Fourth of July celebration July 4, 2013 for the less fortunate.

The dining room of the Salvation Army Harrington Hope Center was full of smiling and thankful people.

An all-American complimentary meal was served to celebrate, including hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixin's.

Attendee Ramona Garcia said it is a wonderful feeling to know she has a place she can celebrate this Independence Day with her friends.

"We wanted to have a good time. We have all kinds of decorations and plates and cups for Fourth of July and we wanted the homeless folks to understand it's their special day too." said Salvation Army Core Officer, Major Harvey Johnson "Their Americans, so we wanted to do what other people get to do in their own homes."

Johnson said they served around 300 hundred people tonight.

The U.S. Salvation Army is a Christian-based organization that has served those in need for 130 years.