Eveline Rivers Christmas Project expected to deliver 9,000 presents.

Volunteer â??elvesâ?? have been busy at the Eveline Rivers Christmas Project, and with the delivery day looming closer they are pushing hard to get the expected 9,000 gifts under the tree in time.

Since 1979 the Eveline Rivers Christmas Project has be helping needy children around the area celebrate Christmas with toys. Back then, it was only 43 children. Today itâ??s grown substantially.

â??We are at approximately 9,000, that we think we will be helping this year either in boxes or through our toy giveaway which is the day after delivery,â?? said Eveline Rivers the founder of the Eveline Rivers Christmas Project.

That delivery day is the 15th and they need all the help they can get, asking for you, the community, to show some Panhandle Spirit.

â??We will need help on Monday night and Tuesday night and we need older students or young children only with their parents we cannot just have the very young child because it's an intricate process so Monday night and Tuesday night we will put the labels on these boxes which that box is a child,â?? said Rivers.

The work shop this time of year is buzzing with real-life elves working on getting those gifts under the tree.

â??Everybody is an elf we love everybody to come. This is Santa's workshop in our opinion so everybody who is here volunteers we declare they are an elf. So, that's what we are making Christmas come together for Children,â?? said Rivers.

Not only are toys being delivered, but nearly 300 coat, hats, and gloves are ready to be handed out to kids who need help keeping warm this winter.

â??Some of these kids walk to school every morning so they need to stay warm we do provide a coat and we also provide hats and gloves for the children,â?? said Andrea Garcia, an elf in training.

â??Next weekend is something we need the whole community to put on their calendars. 9 A.M. Here 314 S. Jefferson that is delivery day all of these are ready to go out to the children and we need the help. I just have two hands and the rest of the volunteers have just two hands so we need our community to come together to be elves and deliver next week,â?? said Rivers.

A good reminder to help out the Eveline Rivers coat drive is that we, Pronews 7, have teamed up once again with Ashley Furniture, this year. Please bring new coats, hats, gloves, and scarves to our downtown studio. Weâ??ll be sure they get to the Eveline Rivers Warehouse.