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      Eveline Rivers Christmas Project and Xcel partner for the 2013 toy run

      T is' the season, and for a local charity group that's helped thousands of children in the last three decades, its taken back its original name and at the same time, a new organizing sponsor.

      President of the Board, Millie Bingham said, " L ast year, we were just kind of going through a new transition, and took off a year, but I went to Eveline and said, 'Eveline, I've had so many calls of why are we not doing this toy run, and I said, we're going to do it.'"

      Bingham said X cel Energy is also the project's new sponsor, and has already begun to make large donations to the project's cause. She said X cel also reached out to some of it out-of-town contractors, and now the group is receiving check s from them as well.

      Xcel spokesperson, Wes Reeves said a lot of employees from the company already volunteer with the project and that it was just a perfect match.

      " Y ou know when you miss a year, there is some fear of well y ou know we may not ever get to do this again, because the community moves on , and other event s fill its place ." Reeves said. "S o we wanted to get it back on the for e- front of people s mind as an event you don't want to miss this time of year. "

      And as for the funds ...

      " I t is unbelievable what it does for the project because it allows us to take care of the kids , " Bingham said.