Erroneous petition rejected by city officials

City officials out right reject petition.


petition to repeal the City's ban on hand-held wireless devices while driving a vehicle has been rejected by city secretary.

City officials said they are rejecting the petition.

But city commissioners can choose not to do anything about a petition.

In a past report we spoke with now retired city secretary, Donna Deright. "The city commission can do what the petition is requesting; to do away with the ordinance it's referring to." said DeRight.

Petitions must follow certain rules to be considered for city commissioners approval. If requirements are met, the petition can move the city commission to consider removing the ordinance, or call for a special election.

David Kossey, author of the petition, re-filed the petition last month.

"We're going to move forward and re-file the petition." Kossey said.

Due to lower than expected voter turnout in the city elections, petitioners were hopeful that more than 1800 signatures would be needed to bring the issue to the ballot.