ENMU faces penalities from NCAA

Eastern New Mexico University is under the gun with the NCAA after self-reporting a number of violations with student athletes.

There's no indication of any type of cheating, rather it's a problem with paperwork that may lead to some serious penalties.

According to University president, Steven Gamble, there are four areas where those infractions were found: Students are required to sign off on being an amateur, formalizing a degree plan by a certain time, taking the set number of hours outside summer school and earning enough credits... and the person in charge of all that didn't stay on top of the ball.

"It was an administrative failure, but again there was no dishonesty, there was no intentional cheating on the part of any student athlete or any coach."

Infractions were found at all eleven sports at the university, with the exception of rodeo which isn't an NCAA sport. And the investigation isn't complete yet, as they're finding more problems everyday.

"We haven't reported the entire scope of the problem because we don't know it. What we're dealing with now is all our student files currently in season, like baseball and softball and track and field they're Spring sports and we'll get to them just as soon as we finish Fall sports."

Gamble says they've had a lot of help from the NCAA and some WT officials who are also lending their expertise... but for now, there's only uncertainty about what penalties they'll face.

"And we actually think it's going to be the middle of November before we have a complete picture to the part the NCAA will talk to us about penalties and punishments we deserve."