Energy-saving tax credits for home improvements

An extension has been made on the ever-so-popular 2010 energy-saving tax credits for home improvements.

The 2010 rebates were so in-demand, money for those rebates ran out. So, the rebates have been extended through December of this year.

CEO of the Texas Panhandle Better Business Bureau Janna Kiehl said it is possible the extension was made for the people who had not done much on their home improvements or for those who had not finished their projects.

"The requirements are much, much less now," Kiehl said. "It's 10 percent of your home improvement project up to $500."

The rebates are good for all Energy Star appliances and the program is available to anyone making home improvements.

"There's a $500 lifetime limit, so if you've already done it in 2010, even though they've extended for 2011, you can't do an additional tax credit if you've already maxed out the 2010 credit, which was $1,500," stated Kiehl.

In order to be eligible for the program, a person must be a homeowner and must reside in the home at the time of appliance purchase.

For more information on the tax credits or to see if you qualify for the rebates, go to