Energy Management Program saves Dumas ISD millions

Dumas Independent School District is going green and saving bucks in the process with it's Energy Management Program.

As a nation we are moving toward a more "green" attitude. But Dumas ISD says it's been ahead of that curve since 2001, when it implemented an Energy Management Program.

"Energy Management Program is just a program designed to make the staff and students more aware of energy conservation and of course doing that helps us reduce our utility bills," said Larry Payne, Energy Manager.

Along with being energy manager, Payne also serves as the district's Chief of Police, so he makes sure everyone is following the rules.

Payne said, "we have a walk through audit and if where I walk through the building and check if things are left on I do have a notice I leave the teacher or office personal to remind that, that needs to be turned off."

Payne said he looks for lights and equipment that are left on and not in use, and he watches the thermostat. In a time of budget cuts, the program is really helping the school district save some money.

"Our reporting program says that we have $2.8 million in cost avoidance since we began the program in 2001. The district has always been proactive in trying to reduce the cost so they can pass those savings onto the students and staff," said Payne.

As you imagine, that money gets put to good use when districts are pinching their pennies.