Employees speaking out against Nurses By Prescription

Natalie Bryant, left, and Vanessa Oages, right, filed several complaints against Nurses By Prescription.

Vanessa Oages and Natalie Bryant say theyâ??ve filed complaints with the Texas Workforce Commission, the Labor Board and the Chip Medicaid Office against Nurses By Prescription.

The current and former employees say the company did not pay them in a timely manner and when they did get paid, no one would cash their checks.

Oages, a former employee says, "Every time we go to cash our checks, the bank will tell us there is insufficient funds."

Bryant, a current employee says, "When theyâ??re supposed to be paying you, you need to get paid for what youâ??re doing regardless."

They describe an elaborate alternative payment process involving waiting for a company representative to go to the bank to get cash.

We called Mr. Payroll and another retail outlet. They confirmed they do not accept checks from nurses by prescription, citing not sufficient funds and having issues with the company.

Tom Boyd, the companyâ??s attorney released this statement:

"Nurses by Prescription is â?¦very concerned about employees or former employees who claim that they have not been paid or that their paychecks have not been honored. The records of Nurses by Prescription indicate that all employees and former employees have been paid the wages owed to them to date. Nurses by Prescription will certainly investigate."